TaxGift ensures donation tax credits go back to your school

TaxGift is the easiest fundraising ever!


TaxGift ensures donation tax credits go back to your school

If your school is hooked up with Kindo, there are some very good reasons why you should choose TaxGift as your donation tax partner. We're the only partner that will gift your donation tax credits back to you, and not to the donor or another school. With TaxGift, each member of the community that opts in guarantees revenue back to you. And with our automated trail donation process, these TaxGifts go on giving for years....

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Impact giving for no effort

Once your community has opted in, their TaxGift will go on giving automatically to you each year until the minimum amount of $5 is reached. Unlike other offerings that provide donors with choice each year and require follow-up administration, TaxGift’s “set and forget” model means that your families only need to opt in once for TaxGift.

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“TaxGift makes things easy... they do the hard work and our gifts grow effortlessly. We're really happy with the uptake!”
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“We love that our TaxGift partnership helps keep the giving going, enabling an even bigger impact.”
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“TaxGift has helped our community give back to the School in new and innovative ways”
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