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Grow your gifts to your school easily, with TaxGift and myKindo. We've automated the process of gifting back donation tax credits - it's the easiest fundraising ever.


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TaxGift was created to support people like you - the awesome human beings who give so generously to your school. Our job is to grow your donations that you make through Kindo so that your school receives significantly more money than your original donation. It’s easy with TaxGift: one simple form, completed once. There’s no need to provide further paperwork, or re-visit your choices next year. Your gift simply grows at no cost to you!

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HOW to sign up to taxgift with mykindo

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

When you make a donation of $5 or more to your school, you can claim a tax credit of 33%. Opt in to TaxGift to give this credit and not only will we do all the work, your school will (over time) receive at least 43% more than your original donation. Put simply, your $100 becomes at least $143!


When you've paid a donation through myKindo (and  haven’t yet signed up with TaxGift), you'll be shown a screen asking you to "amplify your donation". Simply select ‘yes’ to start the process of signing up to TaxGift and boosting your donations!


Once you've clicked "yes", click on the TaxGift logo to sign up. It take less than a minute to sign up, costs you nothing (the school pays TaxGift a small fee for this service) and you won’t need to do anything further.


The last step is to check the circle next to your school. If you have more than one school membership, those schools will also show here. Haven’t claimed tax credits before? Gift the last 4 years as well and boost your donation even more! Simply check the box to send all donation receipts for the last 4 years.

Already paid your school donations?

You can still become a TaxGifter

You can still sign up with TaxGift after you’ve paid your donations via your myKindo account. Once logged in, head to the ‘my details’ tab and select ‘edit rebate tax agent’. Then simply select ‘TaxGift’ as your 'preferred assignee’. To gift the previous four years of donation tax credits, simply tick the ‘send past receipts’ option. It's that easy!


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