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Grow your donations the easiest way ever.

TaxGift is the simple, straightforward choice. Our pass-through model means that we're the only way that you can ensure that your tax credits don't get directed elsewhere: we grow YOUR gifts!


We're 100% focussed on gifting back  to charities and schools: that's all

Our Service to You

We make it simple to TaxGift! You need more money: and we’re here to help. Your only job is to as your donors to opt in, then we get to work claiming the donation tax credits and passing them back to you. There's no need for additional admin, like providing us with copies of your donation receipts. TaxGift is all about making your life easier...

Levelling Up Revenue

TaxGift is the only rebate service that ensures that your donation tax credits go back to you: our purpose is all about giving you more revenue. With TaxGift, every donor that opts in means money back to you. We can turn a $100 gift into over $143 in just three years!

Continuous Support

We provide you with a webform, an API integration, an ability to see your donors sign up in real-time, templates, marketing tools… and our passion, drive and experience. Your success is our success and we’re with you every step of the way.


The gift that keeps on giving

Donors sign up once for your organisation - their job is done. We get to work to ensure all the TaxGifts on their donations to you....go back to you. It's that simple.

What's more, each TaxGift this year is considered a donation, so a further TaxGift is claimable on it the next year. TaxGift automates this trail donation process, meaning gifts grow effortlessly!

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Trail donations explained

TaxGifting through the years

Original Gift

Your donor opts in to TaxGift, and also makes a gift of $100 to you that tax year. *Our standard fee is 10% (+GST).

Year One

We integrate with Inland Revenue and claim a $33 donation tax credit, which is passed to you. A $3 fee* is paid for this service once you've received the TaxGift.

Year Two

The $33 TaxGift is considered a further donation, so we claim a $11 tax credit and pass it back to you as another gift from that donor. You pay us $1.10* for this service.

Year Three

We claim the credit on the $11 TaxGift from the previous year and pass this through to you. With TaxGift, you've turned that $100 original gift into a donation of over $143!

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